Why #LGBTQFamiliesDay Means So Very Much

For many years now, I have been advocating, supporting, educating and assisting LGBTQ couples and individuals to build the family of their dreams. We live in an incredible time where there isn’t just one path to parenthood. Whether it’s through adoption, egg and sperm donation or gestational carrier arrangements, families can come in many shapes, sizes and varieties and DNA isn’t necessarily required.

This is why when I consider the hashtag, #LGBTQFamiliesDay, it truly encapsulates so much. It’s a day where we can celebrate the choices that exist should anyone want to pursue them. Where years ago, the question may have been, “If we’ll be a parent”, it’s now, “how we’ll be a parent” Being a LGBTQ individual or couple, you now have options available options to build the family you want.

In many of my sessions and workshops, one thing that comes up often is exactly this: The origin of family. While these options are available, some may wonder, “how do I tell our children how they came to be?” I work with people who have children who are not genetically related to provide them and their children with a narrative to talk about their families. Your family history is just that – yours. I hope this month, as we promote diversity, dignity, equal rights and self-affirmation, we can do that with our children. It is important to honor the special narrative that helped bring your children into your home.  

I will be running a workshop on this topic at the Family Equality Council’s family weekend in Cape Cod this summer.  There is still time to sign up. It’s a great experience for adults and children alike.

More than anything, family is made up of unconditional love, anecdotes, family trips, ups, downs, holidays, traditions, laughter and a history you write as you go. When you put it in those terms, you could say that whether you have children or not, or you build your own little family by surrounding yourself with friends who love and support you, #LGBTQFamiliesDay is an opportunity to celebrate and support our families in whatever way is meaningful to you.

Remember, we are always here to make your journey easier.  So visit us at www.familybuilding.net any time.