How To Choose A Donor

Donor conception expert Lisa Schuman shares all you need to know in this webinar About Choosing Your Donor and Understanding the Genetics 

Understand how to prioritize what is most helpful

Gain clarity on the impact of genetics and biology

Address your emotions so you make clear choices

Choosing the right donor for your family isn't easy

When you build your family through donor conception, choosing the right donor is a crucial decision - but never an easy one. You want the very best for your future family, but there's so much to consider. And when you haven't done this before, you likely don't even know half the questions you should be asking right now.

  • Unsure where to start?
  • Not sure what you should be looking for?
  • Need to know how stack the odds for a healthy child in your favor?
  • Worried you'll make the wrong choice?

Don't panic. We've got this covered for you. This webinar will give you the clarity you need to simplify the process of choosing your donor.

Have confidence you've made the right choice for your family

Choosing your donor doesn't need to keep you awake at night. The Center for Family Building is here to help. Our founder Lisa Schuman, LCSW, knows how bewildering building your family through donor conception can be. She's helped hundreds of people just like you. In this pre-recorded webinar she walks through all the common questions our clients ask about choosing a donor.

You'll learn about the long and short-term implications for each part of this decision, so you can be completely prepared. And you'll finish watching feeling secure knowing you are choosing the right donor for your future family.


'The help I received from Lisa was invaluable! I don't know how people do it without her"'

Kim and Juan

The information we learned about chooising a donor opened our eyes in ways we couldn't have imagined"

This webinar will help you:

Think differently,
decide more easily

Once you learn how to think differently about donor conception, choosing will be much easier.

Make an
insightful choice

You'll learn how to consider practical information AND your family values.


Get a better understanding of genetics and the links to your donor.

Get the guidance
you've been looking for:



Follow the link to the booking page. Our 44-minute webinar costs just $25.



We'll cover everything you need to know to help you choose a donor who you can feel good about and who is the best choice for your family.



Have peace of mind you are making the right choice for your future family, with the expert insight you need.

About Lisa

A respected professional in the fertility field for more than two decades and the principal investigator for many fertility treatment studies, Lisa understands how stressful alternative parenting can be because she's been there too.

Lisa has won awards for her research from the medical community and has helped hundreds of individuals find the right path to parenthood.

Lisa's workshops for donor conceived children have received accolades from the press and have helped many donor concieved children learn how to share their information with others.

Lisa has lectured around the country and was the only mental health professional called to testify before the State Senate Judiciary Committee to legalize compensated surrogacy in New York.  She has served on many professional committees and boards and is frequently asked to share her expertise at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

So, you're in safe hands, with a professional who truly understands.

Family building is tough enough. You don't need to do it alone. Get the guidance you need to make your journey easier.

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Choosing the right donor doesn't need to be a headache. Watch the webinar today and gain the clarity you need to choose the right donor with confidence for the family you deserve.

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