The Equinox is a day for change

It may feel like any other Sunday, but today is the Spring equinox.

The Equinox is twice a year when both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere experience roughly equal amounts of daytime and nighttime.

That is the scientific explanation. From a spiritual point of view, it is a time to make a change. So why not? If you have been reading these emails, you know I love an opportunity for change. So, what change will you make and how will you make it? What parts of your life, thinking, and/or behaviors no longer serve you?

You may be considering using a donor, stopping treatment altogether or taking a break. Perhaps you want to commit to a better exercise routine, or start a daily meditation practice (meditation is always better if you can do it every day). Maybe you want to be more thoughtful with your partner or start a new project at work.

One spiritual guru suggests making three lists. The first is for the things that have not served you in the past, the second is a list of things you are grateful for, and the third is a list of things you want to change. You can use meditation to visualize the things that no longer serve you leaving your body, the things you are grateful for to empower you, and the things you want to embrace being absorbed into your system. Think of imagery that appeals to you. You can think about sea water, containing all that does not serve you, going back out to sea, the sea life enriching the sea and then coming back to wash over you with your dreams. Perhaps you imagine the things that don’t serve you coming out of you and blowing away with the wind, like a leaf off a tree in the fall. Then the sun, with all your gratitude will bring energy to your body. Finally, your plans for change strengthen you like a strong Oak with new branches and new possibilities. There are many ways to visualize this process, find something that works for you and commit yourself to a new chapter in your life. You can access many guided meditations or background sounds on YouTube or your favorite app.

What is most important is your commitment to this change. Take a look at our articles and videos for more ideas

And reach out to us any time for support. We are here to make your journey easier.

May this year, and this season, bring you the renewal you desire.