Donor Day: Your Children May Be Donor Conceived But They Are Still Kids

Lisa Schuman, founder of The Center for Family Building, talks about letting kids be kids.

Hi, it’s Lisa Schumann. Thanks for joining me for another donor day.

So, today I want to raise something that comes up quite a bit and that is that parents feel concerned about sharing their children’s donor information with them because they’re afraid that their children will share it with lots of people.

Now while it’s important to share this information with your children and also to teach them how to talk to others, and we do workshops that address exactly this, it’s probably not going to be the top of your child’s mind when they go into the playground or when they’re at ballet practice or when they try out for the softball team.

Your child’s gonna be a kid. And yes this is important information, but it’s probably not this pressing issue for them at this moment when they’re young children as it is for you.

So, while it’s good to prepare them, it’s also important to understand they need to be kids and that’s going to be a priority for them.

I hope this helps and I’ll see you next week.

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