Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

If you are a professional and have been sharing information about the Center For Family Building with your network you may be interested in finding out more about our affiliate program and how you can apply to be part of it.




What is The CENTER FOR FAMILY BUILDING Affiliate Program all about?

You are invited to assist us in supporting and educating individuals and couples so they can have an easier journey to parenthood and a better parenting experience. Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page to apply to become a member of our Affiliate Team. Promote our products and services and share the benefit of helping others while increasing your revenue. Use your own customized link and each time someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase from our site, you will receive a benefit.
What are the requirements to become a CENTER FOR FAMILY BUILDING Affiliate?

There are a few requirements that must be met in order for your application to be

  • Must be subscribed to The Center for Family Building newsletter list. Here is the link for signing up: CLICK HERE
  • Follow The Center for Family Building on at least TWO of our social media platforms:

  • Have an established website for your business or brand
  • Our graphics/products MUST be featured on your WEBSITE
  • A strong and active social media presence on at least TWO platforms
  • ONE JOINT PARTNERSHIP WITH ME. I firmly believe that together we are better so we are requiring one partnership per year. Guest blog posts, Facebook Live interviews, Instagram take over, Podcast guest, etc...

What will I earn as an Affiliate?

You will earn a 40% commission for each Center for Family Building product sold via your custom affiliate link. (PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT include products linked to on our website. Or referrals for counseling or coaching). Your earnings are tracked and tallied in our system each time someone clicks on your custom affiliate link and purchases a product from the Center for Family Building website.

Do I receive any samples of the products?

Yes! When signing up as an affiliate you also receive one copy of each color of our Lifebook to show your clients, and patients or to use at a workshop or event.

How will I get paid?

Payments are deposited directly into your PayPal account twice per year (End of
September and March) or we can mail you a check if you prefer.

How do I get started?

To get started, just fill out our Affiliate Program application at the bottom of this page. Once we review your application and you are approved, we will provide you with your own unique custom affiliate link, as well as images and text copy for you to use to promote The Center for Family Building.

Where can I use the affiliate link?

You can place your custom affiliate link for The Center for Family Building on your website, your blog, through your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, in your email newsletter campaigns, or simply share it directly with your friends and colleagues.

How do I spread the word? Do you provide any marketing materials?

Yes. Along with your custom affiliate link, we will provide you with graphics, photos, and marketing content, including a sample blog and social media posts. PLEASE NOTE: You MUST use our graphics to promote our products. These are all easily accessible by logging into your Affiliate account, under the "Banners" tab.

What about the fine print?


Questions? Call us at (917) 576-7580, email us at