Donor Conception Masterclass

Learn all you need to know to build your family - and take care of your mind and body in the process


Understand how to prioritize what is most helpful

Gain a better understanding of ways to support the health of the uterine environment

Learn how to manage your stress throughout the process

Beginning your journey with donor conception isn't easy

When you build your family through donor conception, choosing the right donor is a crucial decision - but never an easy one. You want the very best for your future family, but there's so much to consider. And when you haven't done this before, you likely don't even know half the questions you should be asking right now.

  • Unsure where to start?
  • Not sure how to understand what is most important in supporting the uterine environment
  • Want to manage your stress so you can be clear about the how to make good decisions?
  • Need to know how to stack the odds for a healthy child in your favor?
  • Worried you'll make the wrong choice?

Don't panic. We've got this covered for you. This webinar will give you the clarity you need to simplify the process of choosing your donor


Have confidence you've made the right choice for your family

Choosing your donor doesn't need to keep you awake at night. The Center for Family Building is here to help. Our founder Lisa Schuman, LCSW, knows how bewildering building your family through donor conception can be. She's helped hundreds of people just like you. In this video series she walks through all the common questions our clients ask about choosing a donor, how to optimize the health of the person who will be carrying and how everyone can manage stress through this important journey.


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Carrie Jobonow

The Center for Family Building's Donor Masterclass was an invaluable education on my journey towards motherhood. Lisa's advice provides a strong foundation for understanding the emotional and practical considerations when conceiving via a sperm or egg donor. Her insights are so helpful and delivered with wise words and a warm approach. Lisa teaches easeful ways to navigate and prioritize the most important aspects of choosing a donor. She also gives extensive tools to help manage overall health & wellness during the process -- many of which I've tried with positive results.



The decision to use an egg donor was a process.  The Donor Conception Masterclass is an incredible tool to help make that process easier. All of the most important issues to consider when using a sperm or egg donor to have a child are covered in this course. I am so grateful to have had Lisa’s guidance to keep me on track.


Gail Sexton Anderson

Lisa’s advice and guidance is thoughtful of all parties involved in creating a family via third-party reproduction, not just for the decisions they are making prior to conception, but also for the future of all parties.

Gail Sexton Anderson, Ed.M.
Founder and CEO
Donor Concierge

Get the guidance you've been looking for:



We'll cover everything you need to know to help you choose a donor who you can feel good about and who is the best choice for your family.



Learn about how to optimize your physical and emotional health to have the best pregnancy and journey possible.



Have peace of mind you are making the right choice for your future family, with the expert insight you need


Bonuses Included with program

  • Worksheets: One for each module so you can record information that is important to you
  • Cheat sheet: A positive donor language cheat sheet so you can familiarize yourself with helpful language
  • Ebook: Managing Stress Through Fertility Treatment
  • Ebook: 10 Things Donor Conceived Children Want Their Parents To Understand
  • Senses Stress Reduction Video And Worksheets

About Lisa

A respected professional in the fertility field for more than two decades and the principal investigator for many fertility treatment studies, Lisa understands how stressful alternative parenting can be because she's been there too.

Lisa has won awards for her research from the medical community and has helped hundreds of individuals find the right path to parenthood.

Lisa's workshops for donor conceived children have received accolades from the press and have helped many donor concieved children learn how to share their information with others.

Lisa has lectured around the country and was the only mental health professional called to testify before the State Senate Judiciary Committee to legalize compensated surrogacy in New York.  She has served on many professional committees and boards and is frequently asked to share her expertise at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

So, you're in safe hands, with a professional who truly understands.

Family building is tough enough. You don't need to do it alone. Get the guidance you need to make your journey easier.

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