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Finding specialist advice on solo parenting isn’t easy

Building a family when you’re single can be tough. There’s so many options to consider. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when the stakes are high. You have key decisions to make that will affect the rest of your life. And there’s so much to consider.

  • Unsure how to choose a donor?
  • Concerned about the costs?
  • Running out of time?
  • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed?

Getting trusted guidance on building a
family by yourself shouldn't feel out of reach.

Lifting the burden of your pathway to parenting.

The Center for Family Building is here to help. Founder Lisa Schuman, LCSW, knows how confusing and exhausting this journey can be - because she's been there too. A respected professional in the fertility field for more than two decades and the principal investigator for many studies in fertility treatment, Lisa has won awards for her research from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society.

She was Chair of the Egg Freezing Task Force for the Mental Health Professional Group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), active member on the ASRM course committee to train therapists in reproductive medicine counseling and sits on the board of Single Mothers By Choice. Lisa lectures widely on many infertility topics and was the only therapist asked to testify before the State Senate Judiciary Committee to legalize compensated surrogacy in New York.

So, you're in safe hands, with a professional who truly understands that building a family is tough enough. You don't need to do it alone.

Let's start your journey to parenting together.

Financing your family

Costs of building your family can vary considerably. We’ll help you understand all options available and what costs you can expect. We’ll explain the variety of options open to you from donor conception to fostering and adoption.

Managing emotions

A family building journey can be emotional. So how can you prepare yourself for this roller coaster ride? We’ll help you build strength and resilience by being better prepared and ensuring you have the support you need.

Choosing a donor

Choosing a donor is a critical decision. We’ll help you understand the long- and short-term implications for each part of this decision so you can feel secure knowing you are choosing the right donor for your future family.

Planning for the right time

If having a child, or second child is not viable right now, creating a plan that can include egg freezing, embryo donation, egg or sperm donation or surrogacy can be helpful in setting you up for success in the future.

"We are so glad that we came to The Center for Family Building for help with our daughter. Lisa helped us undertand what she was struggling with and helped us find the perfect school."

Gail and James

"To say the guidance we got from Lisa was life changing would be an understatement. She allowed us to imagine possibilities for our future family we would never have allowed ourselves. Our present family today is a direct result of her bold and decisive advice and we will always be grateful"

John & Jeff

"We sought Lisa’s help when we were trying to have children, when we changed jobs, and when we needed to find the right school for our children. We are so grateful for her help."

Cynthia and Larry

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