Understand the Developmental Milestones for Donor Conceived Children

Transition to parenthood with confidence - an empowering video series from leading donor conception expert Lisa Schuman


Understand how bonding works between you and your child

Gain clarity on the impact of donor conception through key life stages

Learn how to manage discussions with your child over time

Spotting donor conception issues with your child is tough when you don't know what to look for

You want the best for your future family, but there's a lot to consider. Your child is a unique human being who you need to get to know. But when you don't know the developmental milestones donor conceived children may face it's difficult to understand your child's needs.

  • Are you worried about bonding?
  • Nervous that you won't know how to answer your child's questions?
  • Need to know how to talk about the donor with your child?
  • Concerned that you won't understand what your child needs?

Don't panic. We've got this covered for you. This short video series will explain the developmental milestones you can expect so you can understand your child and better meet their needs, with fresh insight into the ways donor conception can affect their lives.

"We are so glad that we came to The Center for Family Building for help with our daughter. Lisa helped us undertand what she was struggling with and helped us find the perfect school."

Gail and James

"To say the guidance we got from Lisa was life changing would be an understatement. She allowed us to imagine possibilities for our future family we would never have allowed ourselves. Our present family today is a direct result of her bold and decisive advice and we will always be grateful"

John & Jeff

"We sought Lisa's help when we were trying to have children, when we changed jobs, and when we needed to find the right school for our children. We are so grateful for her help."

Cynthia and Larry

Transition to parenthood with confidence


Step 1.

Get the video series


Step 2.

Understand the developmental milestones to anticipate


Step 3.

Feel empowered knowing you're better equipped to meet your child's needs

Your video series includes:

Transitioning to parenthood

Experiencing baby blues

Key Life

The ways you will grow


Bonuses Included with your video series:

  • You'll receive a worksheet for each module so you can record information throughout that is important to you
  • We've included a positive donor language cheat sheet to help you become familiar with supportive language
  • Learn how to handle stress with a bonus Senses Stress Reduction video and worksheet to help you feel calmer, more quickly

Get the information you need to gain a better understanding of the ways donor conception will affect your child at different life stages