Bring Back That Lovin’ Feeling…

When you are trying to build a family or care for your family, it’s likely that you have moments when you feel frustrated or even despairing. Sometimes, there is a lot you can do to improve your situation but often the best thing you can do in the moment is to improve your mood. One of the best ways to change your mood is to connect with someone you love.

So, for Valentine’s Day, why not bring back that lovin’ feeling?

The best way to do this is to remember a deep sense of love for that person. It does not have to be a romantic partner. You can recall the moment when you felt a surge of love for your dearest friend who knows you like no one else and always has your back. Or that lovin’ feeling can be a deep feeling you felt for your parent when you were young. Think about that minute. Why do this?

Look at this picture for a moment:

The first time you sleep with someone who drools you may say, “Aww, that’s so cute”. Five years later you are telling your loved one he needs to sleep with a towel under his face. You may even feel disgusted by it. Although you may become closer to someone over time, it’s likely you may also take them for granted.  Remembering how you felt towards them when your relationship was at its peak can help you feel grateful for that relationship… which will improve your mood.

If you would like to take this exercise one step further, remember how you behaved with that person at that time. Perhaps you were less likely to give unsolicited advice, maybe you listened to that person more attentively. It’s likely you were more thoughtful and generous with your heart than you are now. Try to bring that back too. If you do, you may see your relationship improve and you can bring back that lovin’ feeling.  You may be surprised to see how your good feelings will snowball.

Taking these two steps to revitalize your relationship cannot just make you feel closer to your partner or friend once again, but it can also improve your overall mood and perhaps even help your current situation in ways you have not imagined.

Give it a try and let us know how you feel.  We would love to hear from you!

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