There is so much to manage in the process of trying to build your family with fertility treatment. You may be making some of the biggest decisions you have ever made. Are you worried you are leaving it all up to chance? How will you know you are making the right decisions about your donor or your gestational carrier? Not just for the short term, but for the long term. These decisions are crucial.


  • Do you know which questions to ask your agency, doctor, clinic or bank?


  • What about friends and family? Do you know how to manage these relationships in the best way possible (with your future family in mind)?


  • Have you developed a narrative for your future child that suits you and your family values?


Here is the good news…

The Center for Family Building has created a completely customized option for your particular situation and family, or family to be.

Developed by Lisa Schuman, LCSW, an author, award winning researcher, podcast host and a leader in the field of reproductive medicine for more than twenty-five years, this program will provide expert advice and white glove service on every decision so you can move forward with confidence. Lisa Schuman, LCSW will personally hold your hand and ensure your needs are attended to every step of the way.


After working on site at some of the best fertility clinics in the country, and through her program, The Center for Family Building, Lisa has learned the tools you need to have a successful journey. She has helped thousands of people have a successful journey, lower their stress and avoid regret.  She can help you too.


As your personal coach, Lisa will provide evidenced based information and insights she learned from her decades of experience. She can help you choose a donor, develop a narrative for your future child, understand the most important elements in your relationship with your gestational carrier and help you manage your clinic or agency. She can also provide referrals and guide you to create the family you deserve.


Going through fertility treatment can be a struggle and you often need answers quickly. There is so much confusing information on the internet. This program is designed guide you so you can be laser focused at those crucial times of your journey.


The VIP program is offered weekly so you can address all of your issues in real time and only use it when you need it.


"After receiving the shocking news of Azoospermia, Lisa guided us through the rough waters that laid ahead. From accepting the reality of needing to use a sperm donor to the multiple miscarriages that we encountered, we were able to keep pushing through towards our dream of having a family. With Lisa's encouragement and guidance, we welcomed our beautiful baby daughter two months ago."



"We got through our donor anxiety, learned how to carefully choose the right donor and created a beautiful narrative for Sienna with you. We don't know how people do it without your help! Thank you!"



"Lisa helped support our journey to parenthood even before we were fortunate enough to get pregnant with our surrogate. It can feel a little bit lonely trying to navigate the overwhelming differences of becoming same-sex parents. Without Lisa, her course, and now her Lifebook, we feel less lonely on this journey."


The program consists of:

  • 1 Hour Per Week One-To-One Meetings Via Zoom with Lisa Schuman ($375)
  • Review of 2 donor profiles, GC profiles, agencies or consultation on a subject of your choice ($375+++)
  • Referrals to agencies, attorneys, clinics and advice about childcare (priceless)
  • In-between session texts during the week (it’s like having Lisa on speed dial) (priceless)
  • Unlimited access for life to all of the video programs on the Center for Family Building website 

These are:


All of the video programs include bonus content and printable materials like ebooks and worksheets.

My Lifebook will be mailed to your home. It is a beautiful way to document your child’s
journey from your heart to your home ($18.99)


The VIP Program expands our standard offerings for intended parents who desire additional services, assistance and guidance during their journeys.  Some problems that may be tackled are:


  • How do I create a narrative for my child that will set them up for success and a good relationship with me in the future?
  • How do I craft the right open donor contract?
  • How do I create a helpful relationship with my gestational carrier?
  • How do I know I am choosing the right donor, clinic, agency or bank?
  • How do I keep my relationship in a good place during the journey?
  • What are the important questions to ask my doctor?
  • How do I prepare my family and friends for the future with my child?
  • What is the best way to keep my relationships secure and strong?
  • The process is so confusing. I could use some help understanding it better.
  • How do I manage my stress through treatment?


All for $800.00 per week

Join our community and get free expert advice and information on ways to make your journey easier. As a bonus you will receive our downloadable ebook -- BABY STEPS.

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